Eco-friendly interiors: four simple steps to an eco-chic home

With homeowners becoming increasingly eco-conscious, interior trends have seen a big shift towards green design. Whilst Australians are no stranger to solar panels and energy-efficient lighting, many of us may not think about how home décor plays a role in helping us go green. At Pooky & Boo, we believe homewares should be two things: stylish and sustainable. To help you achieve this, here are four simple steps towards creating an eco-chic home.

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Image courtesy of Bloglovin'

Shop locally

This is something we already do well in Perth, but sourcing your home décor locally is a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint by reducing those long-distance fossil fuels. Luckily for us, there are plenty of handmade designers in WA (and Australia as a whole) who specialise in handcrafted homewares. At Pooky & Boo, our designer dog beds are both handcrafted and custom-made to order in has never been easier!

Upcycled interiors

Although a stand alone trend in itself, the style shift towards upcycled interiors has its added benefits for the eco-chic homeowner. Making use of existing items and furniture will save you the cost (and environmental impact) of manufacturing and transporting new materials, and can be a great way to give your home interiors a stylish edge. It can be as simple as re-upholstering existing furniture or sourcing second-hand furnishings; however, depending on how crafty you want to get, you could look at transforming old items completely. A classic example would be the pallet furniture that has long been trending in homes and Pinterest boards!

Sustainable sourcing

We’ve just talked about the first “cycle” of interior design, but about the second? Yes, we’re talking about recycling. With the growing trend towards eco-friendly interiors, manufacturers are increasingly turning to green materials as the foundation of their products. Whether it be recycled fabrics or natural materials, there are plenty of eco-friendly options out there for eco-conscious designers and homeowners. If you’re looking to make your home greener, make sure your home décor is made from sustainable sources. At Pooky & Boo, our pet homewares are designed with sustainability and the environment in mind. Our designer dog beds are made with recycled PET fibre, and all our products are sourced responsibility and custom made to order in WA.

Eco-friendly design

Creating an eco-friendly home isn’t just about where you shop and source your products, it’s also about how you make use of the natural materials at your disposal. This includes that natural source of heat and lighting - the sun! Taking advantage of natural lighting with eco-friendly additions such as skylights and open shades is a smart and cost-effective way of reducing your carbon footprint whilst cutting the costs of your energy bills. Not to mention the positive effect it can have on the colours and features within your home!

Eco-chic interiors from Pooky & Boo

Pooky & Boo are a WA-based pet homewares brand for the interior-savvy pooch. As a modern homewares brand, we understand our responsibility towards the environment around us, and we believe style should go hand-in-hand with sustainability. Our range of designer dog beds are sustainably sourced and designed to add an eco-chic twist to the modern home. For more information about our products, or to view our range of luxury dog beds, visit the Pooky & Boo website.