Frankie Loves Barkery: healthy treats for Perth’s pups

From gluten-free menus to vegan restaurants, Perth is always adapting to cater to different dietary requirements - and this trend isn’t just limited to creatures of the two-legged kind. Just as humans can suffer from allergies and sensitive stomachs, our pooches can also fall foul of food allergies and intolerances. Enter Frankie Loves Barkery, the Perth business creating wholesome and tasty treats for pups with sensitive stomachs.

Frankie Loves Barkery - dog treats perth

Catering to your pup’s dietary needs

Created by pup-owner and pro-baker, Esther, the story of Frankie Loves Barkery starts with a treat-loving Cavoodle named Frankie. Noticing that her pup was starting to suffer from food intolerances, Esther went on the search for tasty treats that would be more suitable for his sensitive stomach. After struggling to find doggie snacks made with natural ingredients and free of artificial colours and flavourings, Esther made it her own mission to cater to Frankie’s dietary needs - and hence, Frankie Loves Barkery was born!

“I’ve always enjoyed baking and sharing my love of food. Now I get to share this joy with everyone!” - Esther

Tasty treats without the guilt

At Frankie Loves Barkery, treats aren’t just seasoned to Frankie’s taste, they’re also hand-made with your pup’s health in mind. Whilst full of flavour, all treats are wheat-free, preservative free and made with human grade ingredients, so you can be sure they’ll be gentle on your pup’s stomach. All treats come in either 50g packs or sample packs, and are designed to provide the perfect bite-sized snacks for well-behaved pooches or pups in training.

Whilst we’re told that peanut butter and pumpkin & sweet potato are flavour favourites amongst the Barkery’s four-legged customers, Frankie Loves offer a wide range of flavours and treats, including personalised biscuits and (for those special occasions) Pup Cakes!

Puppy-inspired, puppy approved

All Frankie Loves Barkery recipes are refined, perfected and lovingly created by Esther herself, but no treats or flavours are released to the tail-wagging public without the stamp of approval from the Barkery’s most important employee, chief taste tester Frankie (@life.with.frankie). And whilst Frankie Loves Barkery definitely have their firm favourites, Esther and Frankie are always working together to discover new flavour combos - much to the delight of Frankie, of course!


You can follow Frankie Loves Barkery on Facebook and Instagram to find out about their latest markets, or order your tasty treats directly by messaging Esther via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled and tongues wagging for their brand new website which will be launching soon!

Supporting local

As a pooch-loving business ourselves, Pooky & Boo love supporting Perth’s local, dog-friendly businesses. If you would like to view our own range of handcrafted creations for pups, visit the Pooky & Boo website to check out our latest designer dog beds.


Sue West