Pet tech: the latest tech trends for Australia’s pooches

From Fitbits to food trackers, we’ve seen plenty of technology-based trends take over the world of health and fitness in recent years, but it’s not just us humans who are getting on board with the digital revolution. With pet parents in  constant search of new and innovative ways to track, entertain and treat their furry friends, it’s no surprise our pets are getting digitally connected too. Here are five need-to-know innovations in pet technology to show you what all the fuss is about.

Petcube Bites

Pet camera and treat dispenser

Image courtesy of  Yahoo

Image courtesy of Yahoo

With all the responsibilities that come with providing for a fur-family, being at home isn’t always a possibility for us pet parents. Queue Petcube Bites - the pet tech trend that lets you train and treat your pooch remotely. The integrated wi-Fi camera comes complete with a built-in treat dispenser and can connect to your smart device via the Petcube app, allowing you to interact with your furry friend and ‘fling’ them some of their favourite treats while on-the-go. This pet tech even features a two-way audio system, so your pooch can listen to your voice and woof back in return - perfect for pets in training or parents in need of some furry facetime!

Ifetch Ball Launcher

Automatic ball launcher 

Image courtesy of  goifetch

Image courtesy of goifetch

Ever get tired of throwing your pooch ball after ball during a never-ending game of fetch? The innovative folks at iFetch have come up with the perfect solution to keep your fur-friend happy and healthy whilst avoiding the dreaded “fetch fatigue”. Their Ifetch ball launcher throws tennis balls up to nine metres using its automatic launching system, providing your pooch with endless hours of fetching fun. You have the option to join in the game yourself or (and this is the best bit) train your dog to drop the ball into the toy on their own for an added test of mental agility!


Dog activity monitor

Image courtesy of  petget

Image courtesy of petget

With the Fitbit becoming one of the most popular pieces of wearable technology amongst us pet owners, it seems only fair that our four-legged friends should be able to get in on the action. At least, that was the motivation behind new pet tech innovation, Fitbark (see what they did there?). Much like the human variation, the colourful bone-shaped device fastens to your pooch’s collar and monitors everything from their activity levels to distance travelled and quality of sleep, enabling you to track their progression and identify changes in behaviour. This information can be shared with your dog trainer or vet to ensure your pup’s health is well on track,  or used as a sneaky tool to make sure your kids have stayed true to their promise for morning walkies! Best of all….the latest version can link to your own FitBit, Apple HealthKit or GoogleFit device so you can track your progress side-by-side with your favourite furry friend.

Findster Duo +

GPS pet tracker  

Image courtesy of  Findster

Image courtesy of Findster

One of the things we love most about our pooches is their unique sense of adventure, but this furry feature can also take a turn for the worst when those morning walks digress into a solo expedition! Luckily for us, pet tech innovators Findster have our backs with their handy GPS pet tracker. Findster Duo +  uses wearable technology that attaches to your pooch’s collar to keep you up-to-date with your furry friend’s location, providing real-time insights into their whereabouts within a radius of up to 4.8kms. You can even use the Findster app to set ‘safe areas’ around your pup’s position, so you’ll be instantly notified if your furry pal decides to take an unexpected wander. Best of all? Their tracker doubles up as an activity monitor, so you can keep a tab on your pup’s health and build a nifty history of your favourite walks.

Nothing better than a good night’s sleep

Blossom dog bed.jpg

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