How to create a stylish pet-friendly home

As a pet owner, it can be difficult to balance your design dreams with your furry living companion. You’re probably no stranger to scratched furniture, chewed cushions and fur-ridden carpets, but let’s be honest - your home just wouldn’t be home without your pets. However, your interior style doesn’t need to take a back seat just because your pup can be a little mischievous at times. Just as you would choose homewares to match your own furniture, your pet’s accessories should also be part of your home aesthetic. In fact, there are plenty of ways to pet-proof your home without sacrificing style along the way. Here are a few simple style tips to help you achieve your dream home whilst giving your canine companion the comfort they need.

Pooky & Boo timber dog bowl 

Pooky & Boo timber dog bowl 

Tip One: Think about colour scheme

When it comes to choosing pet accessories, always keep colour scheme in mind. Depending on the overall aesthetic of your home, you may want to choose pet homewares that blend with your current colour scheme. If you’re feeling brave, mixing colours and patterns is definitely in style at the moment! Whilst this creative approach can be hard to get right, it definitely pays off when you do. Either way, choosing high quality pet homewares that complement your interior style is a great way to ensure your pet accessories stand out for the right reasons.

Tip Two: Pawsome prints

Patterns and prints have been a huge home trend in 2017, and there’s no reason why your beloved pooch can’t be a part of this. Choosing designer dog beds and pet accessories that incorporate patterns and prints is a great way to add character to a pet-friendly home whilst ensuring your interiors stay on trend.  

Tip Three: Pet-friendly floorboards

Floorboards are the prefered option over carpets in most pet-friendly homes. Whilst generally easier to clean and more fur-friendly, certain floorboards can be more pet-proof than others. As an owner, you want to opt for a floorboard that is long-lasting and scratch resistant. Vinyl flooring or tile floors are the most popular option as they are less likely to scratch and stain compared to hardwoods. They can also come in a variety of designs and styles to imitate stone or wood depending on your style preference. If your heart is still set on authentic hardwood flooring, you may want to consider adding some fur-friendly fabrics into the mix.

Tip Four: Fur-friendly fabrics

If you own a pet, you’ll know that fur is not always your friend when it comes to interior design. In general, you want to stay away from light-coloured fabrics that can be easily stained - this means your velvet or silk dreams may need to be put on hold for now. Adding stylish throw rugs to your furniture can make the world of difference to your home decor, especially during shedding season. Whilst they can make for a trendy interior addition, rugs that match or mask your furry friend won’t highlight hairs and can easily be washed.

Tip Five: Doggy decor

There’s no better way to incorporate style into your pet-friendly home than selecting doggy decor that makes a fashion statement in itself. Opting for designer dog beds that match and incorporate contemporary trends can add aesthetic to your interiors whilst ensuring your pooch remains happy in their pet-friendly home  

Pet homewares for the interior-savvy pooch

Pooky & Boo is a WA based brand that specialises in handcrafted pet homewares inspired by modern and contemporary trends. Our designer dog beds are made with style, sustainability and quality in mind. All our products are eco-friendly, made to order, and designed to add a little luxury to your pet-friendly home. To find out more about our pet homewares, visit our product pages or get in touch with us via the Pooky & Boo website.