The best dog-friendly beaches in Perth

Summer is finally approaching in Perth, and no doubt your attention is starting to turn towards puppy play dates of a different variety. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, it’s getting towards that perfect weather for a fun-filled day at the beach with your favourite four-legged friend. And if there’s one thing we have plenty of in sunny WA, it’s beautiful sandy settings! With this in mind,  here are Pooky & Boo’s top picks for the best dog-friendly beaches in Perth.

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Peasholm Dog Beach, Scarborough

For anyone heading north on a dog’s day out, your pooch will find plenty of fellow fur-friends at Peasholm Dog Beach in Scarborough. Long considered one of Perth’s top dog beaches, Peasholm offers a 2km stretch of lush white sands, clear blue waters and a number of pup-friendly perks nearby. Whilst you may find the occasional dog washing service set up in the carpark for post-beach pampering, pet-friendly cafés The Wild Fig Café and Lady Latté are located a short drive away so you can enjoy a bite to eat after your morning playdate!

Mosman Dog Beach, Fremantle

If you’re visiting Perth’s south, Mosman Dog Beach is the perfect place to soak up some sun on your way to Fremantle. Pups are free to explore the northern section of the beach off-leash, and the best thing about this sandy setting is it doesn’t get too crowded. Don’t forgot to stop by local pet-friendly café, The Orange Box (located by Leighton Beach), for a post-beach caffeine fix. They offer plenty of pats for fluffy customers too!

Whitfords Dog Beach, Hillary’s

Located just north of Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Whitfords Dog Exercise Beach is the ideal setting for dogs that like plenty of space to run around. The 1km stretch of sand makes for a relaxing beach walk (or run if you’re feeling extra adventurous), with relatively shallow waters for swimming. Whilst pups are permitted off-leash on the main stretch of the beach, off-leash access to the horse beach area immediately to  the north is restricted in the mornings from Monday to Saturday.

C Y O’Connor Beach, North Coogee

Situated just south of Fremantle in North Coogee, C Y O’Connor Beach offers plenty of space for pups to explore the sandy surrounds. Ideal for long summer walks, the beach is sheltered by nearby Garden Island, making it the ideal spot for pups who are a little nervous of waves and choppy waters. If you’re planning a picnic after your morning beach break, you can find designated picnic spots at both the south and northern reserve.

Two Rocks dog beach, Two Rocks

Home to pup-friendly event, Sandy Paws, Two Rocks dog beach has fast become a popular spot amongst local pet owners and their pooches. Located around an hour north of Perth, furry friends are free to roam the sandy setting off-leash, and they’re sure to find plenty of playmates along the way. Visit the beach for monthly event Sandy Paws - A dog’s day out, and your pup can enjoy an array of dog-friendly activities, from post-beach dog washes to treats from the bone bar and an ice-cream for human companions!

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