Summer styles: trending home interiors for summer 2018

At Pooky and Boo, we love staying on top of the latest styles in home design - after all, that’s what inspired us to create our own range of stylish home interiors. And what better excuse to refresh your home than the start of a new season! From organic textures to earthy elements, here are some of the top design trends to incorporate into your home this sunny season.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Earth’s elements

In line with our desire to embody the organic in our interiors, summer 2018 will see homeowners take inspiration from Earth’s natural elements in their choice of décor. Whilst natural woods and organic textures will feature prominently in home furnishings, a renewed focus on coastal colours, nautical themes and earthy tones will bring Earth’s organic elements into our interiors. With Mother Nature in full bloom, floral prints will come back into play, with bold floral patterns making their way into wallpaper, artwork and statement decor.

Going green

Greenery may have been last year’s colour of the year, but its legacy is still staying strong as we head towards summer 2018. This time, our passion for green is taking on a different form, with potted plants and climbing foliage becoming a staple of the modern, eco-friendly home. Known for their mood-boosting qualities, humble houseplants have transformed into more than just statement décor, becoming a wider representation of our desire for a return to organic forms.

Pet owner’s tip: If you plan to embrace this eco-trend, make sure you stay away from plants that could be poisonous to your pooch!

Sleek simplicity

Drawing on the Scandinavian concept Hygge, a concept focused on finding enjoyment and cosiness in life’s simple things, sleek patterns and simplistic styles will be at the forefront of home design trends this summer. Sleek lines and minimalist décor will bring a new sense of order into the home, with interior-savvy homeowners making more use of the natural summer light in their interiors. In place of the heavier textures associated with winter hygge, the summer take on this trend will see lighter materials such as cotton and chiffon bringing a cooler, airier feel into the summer home.

Bold colours

With Pantone announcing Ultra Violet as their colour of the year, summer 2018 is the time to be bold and daring with your interior colour pallette. Still taking inspiration from natural elements, the warmer months will see homeowners incorporating stronger shades and bursts of colour into their interiors, with bright fuschias and citrus colours adding a refreshing feel to the interior space. And don’t be afraid to mix strong colours together to create additional character!

Copper accents

Saying bye to the brass that has dominated the interior space in recent years, summer 2018 will see copper accents and rose gold take over as the reigning metallics. Featuring in everything from appliances to kitchenware and lighting, this metal finish will help add a  touch of brightness into the contemporary industrial space.

Indoor Rattan

It seems blending the exterior with the interior is a recurrent theme this summer, with indoor rattan establishing itself as one of the biggest home design trends of 2018. Traditionally used in outdoor furnishings, rattan textures will be bringing a warmer, natural feel into the interior space this summer in the form of artisan chairs, pendant lights and intricately-designed wall hangings. And we have to say, we’re loving the versatility of this trend!

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