Five apps every dog lover needs to download!

We’re constantly finding new ways to make life easier through technology, so it was only a matter of time before the focus turned towards our furry friends! With pet tech becoming an ever-expanding trend, we’ve narrowed down our search to find five of our favourite pet apps for dog lovers. 

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Dog Buddy 

If you’re anything like us, your furbaby is just a fluffier extension of your own family. And like any child, it’s important to stay on top of your pooch’s health. Dog Buddy is a nifty app which functions as a portable first aid journal, enabling you to record a range of information, from your pooch’s most recent vaccines and changes in their weight to those all-important puppy milestones. It’s great for information on basic first aid for your furry friend, as well as for storing useful details like your vet’s contact number. And don’t worry - this information can all be shared with family and friends so your pooch is prepared for their next vacay at Grandma’s!


If there’s one thing our furry pals aren’t short of, it’s a healthy appetite. However, not all foods mix so well with our four-legged friends in return. Luckily for us, the fur-loving folks behind dog app, iKibble, have taken this paw-rents conundrum and turned it into a useful directory of foods that are good and bad for pooches. The app allows you to browse hundreds of different food types for descriptions on what they contain and information on how they could impact your furry friend. If your pup has a sensitive stomach, you can even keep a tab of their favourite foods to help you master their doggie diet.


Whether your pooch is a pup in training or a slightly devilish adult dog, dog training app Dogo is full of nifty features to help get them back on track with their training. The app functions as your pup’s very own PT, delivering daily activities and challenges to help them learn and master new commands. If you want a third-opinion on your pooch’s progress, you can even sign up for an official video exam which will be reviewed by experts for additional tips and tricks to support their training. 


Just like us hoomans, our pooch’s benefit from socialising with fellow furry friends, and dog-friendly playdates just got a whole lot easier thanks to doggie dating app, Woofr. Taking a furry spin on the well-known Tinder, the app lets pooches ‘swipe right’ on different puppy profiles, with the option to filter fellow doggos by their gender, age and breed to help them find their paw-fect match for your next dog’s day out. In an even more adorable twist, you can send a recording of your pooch’s woof to help them say hi to fellow friends and kick off those connections. Stuck for ideas? Check out our blog for some of the best dog-friendly parks around Perth

The dog massage app

It can be hard for doggos dishing out all that unconditional love, so what better way to show your pooch just how much you appreciate them back than a little at-home TLC? The aptly named Dog Massage App provides you with useful tips and techniques to master the art of massaging and improve your bond with your furry friend. You can even schedule in your next pamper session to ensure you’re putting some much-needed time aside for your beloved pal. 

Pamper your pooch with Pooky & Boo

As useful as new technologies might be, sometimes there’s nothing better for our doggos than those simple creature comforts! Borne from a love for our furry friends, Pooky & Boo is an Australian-based dog accessories brand designed with our pooch’s comfort, style and unique paw-sonality in mind. To check out our latest range, visit our online boutique.

Sue West