Stylish secrets: how to design a pet-friendly kitchen

When you consider your pup a part of the family, it makes sense to keep their needs in mind when planning your home interiors. And as a space where we share some of those fundamental family moments, your kitchen is likely no exception. Here are a few stylish secrets to transform your kitchen into a safe and stylish sanctuary for you and your pooch.

Image courtesy of  Molly Frey Design

Image courtesy of Molly Frey Design

Designate a space for your pooch

As one of the most used spaces in the home, functionality should be a key priority when it comes to kitchen design. If your pooch likes to stay by your side, consider designating an area in the kitchen where they can rest and play whilst you move through your daily routine. Adding a stylish dog bed is a great way to make use of empty space under kitchen worktops whilst adding a touch of colour and pattern into your décor.

Feeding time

It’s no secret mealtimes can be a little messy when you have a pooch, but incorporating a built-in dog bowl into your kitchen is a simple and stylish way to get around this. If you have any unused kitchen drawers, consider converting these into a pull-out feeding station to maximise functionality and minimise mess during your doggo’s dinner time. These can also serve as a great storage space for food and treats, but make sure your pooch can’t snoop in between meals!

Fur-friendly flooring

When it comes to choosing your kitchen design, bear in mind that not all flooring is made for furry friends. To save time scrubbing dirty paw-prints and pet-related stains, opt for surfaces that are easy to clean. Materials such as tiles and laminate flooring are your safest options, and will provide the added perk of a cooler surface for your pooch during warmer weather. However, if you’re in love with the idea of hardwood flooring, consider choosing harder woods such as oak and mahogany over softer alternatives that are easily scratched.

Safe storage

As well as protecting your kitchen design from your pooch, there are times when your pooch may need protecting from the contents of your kitchen. As a pet owner, no doubt you’ll know that certain foods can be unkind to your pup’s tummy. Whilst delicious snacks for us, chocolate, grapes and sultanas are just some of the nasty culprits that can be harmful to our furry friends, so make sure you store these snacks away safely in sealed containers or high cabinets. It’s also a good idea to keep cleaning products out of paw’s reach by storing them in high cupboards and away from curious pups.

Decorate with dog-lover’s décor

And of course, no pet-friendly kitchen is complete without that extra bit of doggy décor. If you’re looking to make your pooch a true part of your home, consider elevating your kitchen interiors with stylish and functional accessories that pay homage to your hound. Stylish treat jars, pup-themed kitchenware and custom artwork are just of the ways to show your pooch just how much you love them whilst keeping your pet-friendly kitchen on-trend.

Pooky & Boo homewares for pooch

At Pooky & Boo, our brand was created with the aim of creating a stylish and sustainable way for pet owners to make their pooch’s homewares a part of their interior vision. Designed for the interior-savvy pet owner, our handcrafted dog beds have been uniquely handcrafted to add style, pattern and comfort into the modern, pet-friendly home.

Feature image courtesy of Refine and Define

Sue West