How to pet-proof your garden in style


Gardens provide an outdoor haven for our pups - a space where they can investigate new smells, soak up the sun and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. However, just as welcoming a new pup into the home requires interior adaptations, our backyards can hold some nasty surprises that may need addressing before your four-legged friend sets out on their next adventure. If your pooch is partial to outdoor play, here are a few design ideas to ensure your furry friend is free to roam your backyard in style and safety!

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Pet-friendly plants

Incorporating plants and greenery into your garden design is a great way to introduce vibrant colours and scents into your backyard, but be aware that not all plants are kind to furry friends. If your pooch has a curiosity for garden greens and  flower beds, make sure you stay away from plants that can be poisonous for pups. There are plenty of pet-friendly plant options out there, so no doubt you will still be stuck for choice!

Protect flower beds

Just as plants don’t always mix with pets, pets don’t always mix with plants! If you’ve put a lot of time into creating a beautiful flower bed, you don’t want your efforts ruined with muddy pawprints (no matter how cute those pawprints may be!). A little training can go a long way in teaching your pup to respect these boundaries, but if you’re designing your backyard from scratch, consider raising garden beds to deter your pup from making a mess.

Make way for shade

Our four-legged friends love lounging around in the sun on a warm summer’s day, but we all know the Australian heat isn’t always our pup’s best friend. When it comes to designing your pet-friendly garden, make sure you leave ample room for shaded areas so your pooch can take a much-needed break away from the summer sun. And don’t forget to lay out a water bowl to ensure your adventurous pup stays hydrated.

Fur-friendly outdoor furniture

If you’re redesigning your garden layout in preparation for a furry addition, review your existing patio furniture and ask whether it will work with your new furry friend. The right choices in fabrics and materials are key to ensuring your outdoor furniture withstands that extra wear and tear, but you still want the area to offer a comfortable and laid-back space for repose. Durable materials such as weather-resistant wicker, iron and aluminum are great for withstanding paws and claws, and cushion covers are easy to clean should your pup be prone to summer shedding!

Opt for natural fertilisers

If your pup is a little adventurous when it comes to roaming around outdoors, think twice about using fertilisers on your plants and flower beds. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides may be great for encouraging flowers to bloom, but some of these products can also be harmful for our four-legged friends. Instead, opt for natural fertilisers such as compost and grass clippings that will help your grass grow without harming your pup’s health.

Designate a doggy play area

If you want your pooch to love your garden design as much as you do, consider designating a specific area for your pup to enjoy as their own. Scatter the area with their favourite toys and maybe even a stylish dog-house to ensure they have all the entertainment and shade they need. If you’re partial to DIY design, consider installing a doggy door to give your pup the freedom to roam around outdoors as they please.

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Sue West