Winter essentials: five must-have winter dog accessories for your pooch

Winter brings with it a whole new host of needs for our furry friends, but if you love style as much as we do, you’ll know the change in temperature isn’t always a bad thing. After all, with a new season comes a brand new excuse to explore the latest trends in lifestyle and design, and this year there’s plenty for you and your pooch to be excited about! Whether you’re looking to carry out an interior overhaul or spicing up your pup’s wardrobe for the winter weather, here are five winter dog accessories you won’t want to miss this season. 

New-age knits

Hand-knitted dog jumpers by  Pooky & Boo

Hand-knitted dog jumpers by Pooky & Boo

Cosy knits have long been a staple in our winter wardrobes, but this year we’ll be seeing  these stylish designs enter the realm of furry fashion...starting right here at Pooky & Boo! Our cable-knitted dog jumpers are handmade right here in Australia, with four gorgeous winter shades to suit your furbaby’s coat and colour. All designs are hand-knitted from 100% Australian alpaca wool, ensuring your pooch stays extra snug without weighing them down on those long winter walks. Check out the new winter jumper collection via our online store

Faux fur

Image courtesy of  Styletails

Image courtesy of Styletails

There’s no better excuse to explore your love of Scandinvian design than the arrival of winter, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a little faux fur. Whilst this fabric perfectly embodies the Scaninavian style, it’s also one of the most versatile and downright useful winter accessories for us as dog-lovers. Whether you’re using it as a throw, a rug or a cosy blanket to keep your pup warm during the winter nights, we can guarantee you won’t find a better creature comfort to mask those stray hairs in so much style!

Heated dog tech

Image courtesy of Pet-Mat™

Image courtesy of Pet-Mat™

With pet tech becoming all the rage in the world of furry health and fitness, it’s no surprise this new technology has made our list of winter warmers. Heated dog tech is the new trend taking over fur-friendly homes, and we’re sure your pooch won’t be able to get enough of the latest winter dog accessory by eponymous Australian brand, Pet-Mat™. The unique heating pads use advanced Positive Temperature Coefficient technology to provide your pooch with a steady, self-regulating warmth to keep them comfortable and cosy through the winter months. The Pet-Mat™ is waterproof and can be easily cleaned from dirty paw-prints, providing the perfect spot for rest and recovery after a cold winter’s walk! 

Ethical pampering products 

Organic dog balm by All About George

Organic dog balm by All About George

As we become more aware of the products we use and where they come from, it’s only natural we’ve started to do the same with our pooch’s own pampering routine The rise of the ethically-minded brand has led to a host of wonderful eco-conscious creations for our pups, from eco-friendly dog shampoos to biodegradable toys and completely natural dog treats. With the winter weather taking its toll on our pooch’s paws and noses, this certified organic dog balm by Australian-based brand All About George is a must-have addition to your pooch’s winter checklist. Made from natural ingredients with organic soothing properties, the balm is perfect for preventing paw pads and sniffly noses from becoming dry and damaged in the cooler weather.

Stylish sleeps

Rustic Sky dog bed by Pooky & Boo

Rustic Sky dog bed by Pooky & Boo

There’s nothing nicer after a cold winter’s day than curling up in the comfort of your own bed, but it’s even better when that bed is equally as stylish as it is snuggly! Inspired by contemporary trends in pattern, texture and home decor, Pooky & Boo’s luxury dog beds are handcrafted and custom designed in Australia from high-quality, locally sourced fabrics. The fabric’s waterproof backing make the beds extra resilient to the winter elements, with the recycled PET fibre filling providing your pooch with the snuggest night’s sleep across the seasons. You can check out our custom prints via the Pooky & Boo website. 

Sue West