Introducing our new range of handcrafted dog beds!

Pooky & Boo are incredibly excited to announce the release of our new range of handcrafted dog beds. Our mission in creating this brand was to provide pet owners with a stylish and sustainable way to make their pooch’s homewares a part of their interior vision. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a product that is truly local. Each bed has been lovingly handcrafted and custom designed in WA, and made with fabric that is 100% woven and printed in Australia.

As a business founded on a love for interiors, our designs draw heavily on modern and contemporary trends in home decor. The textures, patterns and colours of our handcrafted beds have been carefully chosen to complement the modern interior setting whilst providing your pooch with all the creature comforts they need. If you’d like to know more about out latest designs, here’s an exclusive insight into the inspiration behind our new range.

Summer Sand

For the pooch who likes the simple things in life

Pooky & Boo dog bed - summer sands.jpg

Simplicity lies at the core of this design. The smooth, clean lines that make up this pattern bring natural order into the home, whilst the neutral shades of beige and pearl evoke a sense of summer warmth and simplicity. These neutral shades work really well in open spaces with natural light, and can be paired with organic textures and materials such as natural woods, wicker and greenery to bring both style and sustainability into the modern, eco-friendly home.


For the pooch with an old soul

Peaches dog bed - Pooky & Boo.jpg

Vintage meets contemporary in this nostalgic design, with peach and powder blue combining to give a  fresh take on classic vintage style. Enhance this vintage-meets-modern look by pairing the bed with refurbished furniture, vintage treasures and contemporary pieces to marry your appreciation for the old with your passion for the new. Perfect for the pooch that’s old at heart.


For the pooch who thinks variety is the spice of life

Pooky & Boo - Forrest dog bed.jpg

Opulence and vibrancy underpin this eclectic design. The striking shade of emerald green provides a rich play on Mother Nature’s favourite color, with the natural pattern reminding us of our commitment to sustainability. This design can be offset against neutral backdrops to form the focal point of your interiors, or complemented with greenery to create a vibrant, tropical haven.

Rustic Sky

For the pooch with the spirit of the sea

Rustic Sky dog bed - Pooky & Boo.jpg

Navy blues, greys and golds are brought together in this design to create a coastal feel that embodies the relaxed nature of the nautical setting. Pair this bed with glass textures, light materials and breezy white draperies to create a spacious coastal haven that brings a sense of calm into the home. Perfect for the pooch with a passion for the sea.


For the organic pooch

Pooky & Boo - Scandanavian style dog bed.jpg

This bed embodies the staple elements of Scandinavian style, with simplicity, minimalism and functionality underpinning its design. Gentle contours and playful accent colours come together to create a sense of balance that beautifully reflects the Scandinavian approach to life. Pair with organic forms, natural materials and open interiors to bring the Scandinavian appreciation for nature into your home.


For the modern, urban pooch

Winter dog bed - Pooky and Boo.jpg

The cool, urban design of this bed is inspired by the modern industrial setting. Whilst the monochromatic colour palette embodies the sleek minimalism characteristic of industrial chic, this design pairs perfectly with raw materials, exposed surfaces and metal finishes to bring the statement warehouse look into the modern home.


For the laid back, boho pooch

Pooky & Boo blossom dog bed.jpg

In the true nature of bohemian style, this design is at once intricate, free-spirited and richly artistic. A melting pot of colour, texture and pattern, the design embodies a care-free spirit which follows no rules (perfect if your pooch is the same!). Bright colours, intricate patterns and an emphasis on nature characterise the boho abode...and this floral design is no exception. This bed pairs really well with natural woods and organic textures, but can also be contrasted against neutral backdrops to liven up the home.

Sue West