Five creative home decor trends for pup owners


Like welcoming any new family member, introducing a pooch into your home can require a few interior adjustments. Whilst this may mean giving up on that dream of velvet furniture and silken throws, this isn’t to say you can’t pet-proof your home in style and with a touch of creativity. Recent years have seen interior-savvy pup owners putting a pet-friendly twist on contemporary design trends to make their pooch a part of their home....and we are loving the results here at Pooky & Boo! Here are five of our favourite ways to incorporate doggy decor into your interiors.

Built-in bowls

Interiology Design Co | Jared Kuzia Photography

Interiology Design Co | Jared Kuzia Photography

If you’re fed up of food spillages or a little short of space in the kitchen, this quirky design trend is the perfect way to meet your pup’s needs without sacrificing on the functionality of your home. Incorporating a built-in bowl into your existing décor won’t just help you make your pup a part of your humble abode (literally!), it’s also a great way to transform unused space below kitchen cupboards or countertops. If you’re feeling adventurous on the DIY front, you could even convert an empty draw into a pull-out feeding station to keep your pup’s plate (and your kitchen) extra clean.

Puppy spa

There’s nothing worse than coming back from a refreshing morning’s walk to the interior nightmare of muddy paw prints and dirt-stained furniture. In recent years, pup owners have found their own creative way to overcome this problem in the form of the dedicated dog shower, and we are very much on board with this trend! For pet owners with an eye for creativity, this a great way to transform your laundry into a multi-purpose space that serves as both a utility area for you and a puppy spa for your pooch. If you’re really committed to this trend, we recommend going all out by matching your puppy spa with stylish storage for grooming accessories and those all-important doggie shampoos!

Puppy portrait

No home is complete without a family photo...and as an important member of your family, your pup should be a part of this! If you’re looking to decorate your pet-friendly home with contemporary décor, opting for a professional photo of your beloved pooch is a great way to pay homage to your hound whilst elevating your interiors with some downright adorable artwork.

Creative doggy doors

RDS investments

RDS investments

If you want the option for your pup to roam around between your home and garden but don’t like the idea of a traditional doggy door, creating a custom-made entrance for your pooch is the paw-fect way to give them the freedom they need without compromising the overall style of your home interiors. If you’re feeling really creative, try converting an unused cupboard into a hidden entrance. Alternatively, simply spruce up an existing doggy door with DIY additions that complement your home design.

Designer dog bed

Pooky & Boo midnight dog bed.jpg


One of the simplest and chicest ways to inject style and creativity into your pet-friendly home is  to choose doggy décor that enhances your existing interiors. If you live in a modern and sleek apartment, for example, try complementing this with a high quality dog bed that complements the contemporary design of your home. Introducing modern patterns and texture into your interiors through your pup’s own accessories is the perfect way to marry your design dreams with your love for your beloved pooch….who says you have to sacrifice style for your pets!

At Pooky & Boo, our designer dog beds are inspired by both our love for four-legged friends and our passion for contemporary home design. Handcrafted and lovingly made in Western Australia, our dog beds are designed to add style, pattern and a little bit of luxury into the modern, pet-loving home.

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Sue West