Here comes the pooch: meet Perth’s pet wedding attendant

With dog-friendly cafés, pet-friendly getaways and doggy play dates popping up around Perth, it seems our beautiful city is really feeling the puppy love. With one in two homes owning a pooch, it’s fair to say our fur babies have become an important part of the family, and the latest dog-friendly trend to take over Perth certainly takes this role seriously! At Pooky & Boo, we love seeing fellow businesses embrace their love of pooches, and our latest find is no exception. Barks in the Park allows a man’s best friend to become a man’s best man with their Perth pet wedding attendant services - and the results are just adorable!

Image courtesy of  Barks in the Park

Image courtesy of Barks in the Park

Move aside best men - it’s all about man’s best dog!

Barks in the Park pet wedding attendant business was founded by pooch-lover and dog-walker, Cahris. Having seen the love that Perth pet-lovers had for their pooches through her dog walking and doggy day care business, Cahris decided it was about time that couples had the opportunity to include their pups in the most important family event - their wedding day!

“Paw-rents invite their most important family and friends to celebrate their love, so why not include their pet on their special occasion!”

For those looking to ditch the conventional best man in favour of their four-legged friend, Cahris’ pet attendant service allows couples to include their furry friends in their big day without the stress of walks, nap times and toilet trips!

Puppy preparation

Like any important member of your bridal party, your pooch will need to be well-prepared for the big occasion. Before the big day, Cahris organises a meet and greet with you and your pooch to discuss their role during the ceremony and, more importantly, to make sure your pup is comfortable with her. When the wedding day arrives, she’ll ensure your pooch is suited, booted and well-walked, and she’ll even put them down for their doggy nap at the end of the ceremony!

Image courtesy of  photography by Emma Pointon

Image courtesy of photography by Emma Pointon

Barks in the Park pet attendant service allows your pooch to be involved in your wedding day in whatever capacity you choose, whether it’s as a front-row guest, a furry member of the bridal party or ‘best dog’. If you’re thinking about including your pup in more than just the walk down the aisle, here are a few ideas on how to incorporate a little more puppy love into your wedding day:

  • Make your dog the ring bearer

  • Include your pup as a flower girl with a flower wreath as a collar

  • Organise a photoshoot with your pooch

And Cahris’ pet-sitting service isn’t just limited to furry friends of the puppy variety - she hopes to see pets of all sorts involved in those all-important nuptials!

“I am open to any pet being involved! I’d love to see a pet pig walk down the aisle next!”

Puppy love with Pooky & Boo

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