Pawsome patterns: five trending patterns to use in your home in 2018

Patterns are the pinnacle of home décor - they help establish order, restore balance and introduce a breath of fresh air into otherwise plain home interiors. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your home or create a little contrast in same-shade rooms, here are five trending patterns to try in your home in 2018.

Courtesy of  Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy


With modern homeowners moving towards an “organic” approach to home interiors in 2018  (queue the earthy hues and eco-friendly décor), it’s no surprise that floral patterns are making a bigger appearance in homes this year. Whilst this isn’t the first time flora and fauna have made their way into home design, this year’s florals promise to be bigger and more beautiful than ever before. For our own interpretation of this stunning pattern, check out Pooky & Boo’s blossom dog bed.


Home trend forecaster and colour authority Pantone named geometric patterns as one of their leading home trends for 2018, and given their successful prediction of the popularity of millennial pink (a phenomenon that took over our homes in 2017), we’re inclined to think this year’s pattern picks could be on point! There’s something about the order, precision and symmetry of a  geometric pattern that simply satisfies our interior souls. If you’re thinking about embracing this trending pattern, try incorporating geometrics into your home design through geometric tiles, wallpaper, art or interior fabrics. You’ll find plenty of geometric inspiration in Pooky & Boo’s custom range of designer dog beds!

Black and white shapes

All white interiors may be out, but one interior pattern that remains as popular as ever in 2018 is the undeniably effective contrast of black and white shapes. Whilst this colour combination has been around since the early days of home design, interior brands are finding new and innovative ways to make the most of this bold and beautiful contrast through the combination of different shapes and designs.

Bold and beautiful prints

In contrast to the popular pastels of recent years, this year’s Pantone Colour Report reveals a return to the intensity of bolder, brighter colours. Psychedelic prints, bright geometrics, and bold abstract patterns will take over homes in 2018. Expect to see more reds, yellows and ultra-violets!

Mixed patterns

For those feeling a little spoilt for choice with this year’s trending patterns, why not go a little crazy and mix multiple designs together? Pattern on pattern is becoming an increasingly popular trend in home design, but be careful - it’s an easy feat to get wrong. As a general rule, avoid mixing bold patterns together, and make sure you counterbalance any striking prints with neutral palettes or solid colours. A great place to start is to find a unifying colour that pulls the patterns together, as seen in our designer dog beds.

Pooky & Boo blosson dog bed.jpg

Pawfect patterns from Pooky & Boo

At Pooky & Boo, our stylish dog beds are inspired by two things: our love for pooches and our passion for home interiors. Based on contemporary trends in colours and home décor,  all our dog beds are intricately designed to introduce the perfect balance of style, pattern and texture into the modern, pet-loving home.

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