How to care for your pup this winter

There’s something about snuggling up under a warm knitted blanket on a cold winter’s night. But we aren’t the only ones in need of some extra cuddles and comfort throughout the colder months. Caring for your pup all year round is a commitment you make as a pet owner, but that extra bit of TLC becomes all the more important when the cold weather sets in. Here are some simple ways to keep your pooch warm and healthy this winter.

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Keep them active

It may be the last thing you want to do on a cold winter’s morning, but keeping your pup active with regular walks and exercise is important regardless of the weather outside. If you do find your pooch is less motivated to brave the colder temperatures, make sure you keep them exercising with toys and indoor play. For pups that remain a little less active, you may also need to adjust their doggie diet accordingly to prevent them from piling on the puppy pounds over winter. If you’re struggling for ideas on what to do with your pooch this winter, check out our recent blog on dog-friendly activities in Perth.

Wrap up warm

If your pup isn’t put off by the colder weather, it’s important to ensure they remain warm and comfortable when they spend time outside. This is particularly important if your pooch has a fine coat or is prone to stiff joints due to aging. Canine clothing is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth when the weather is particularly harsh, so it could be worth investing in a set of winter woolies for your furry friend.

Cosy bedding

Making sure your pup has all the creature comforts they need is especially important in the colder seasons, and it starts with ensuring they have a cosy place to sleep. When preparing your pup for the winter weather, make sure you choose a comfortable and snuggle-worthy dog bed that’s positioned away from any cold drafts. If necessary, you may want to create an extra source of warmth with an additional layer of blankets or doggie bedding.

Keep them hydrated in the heating

It’s not always an obvious concern in the colder months, but keeping your pup well hydrated is as important in winter as it is in summer. This is especially the case if your pooch has been out and about or snuggling up near the heating. If your pooch is prone to seeking out comfort near a heater or fireplace, make sure you’ve pet-proofed the area to protect them from accidental burns.

Puppy pampering

A well-groomed coat is key to proper insulation for pooches. If your pup’s fur is particularly long or matted, it’s important to make sure their coat remains knot-free and in good condition over the winter months. If you do decide to bath your pooch, make sure their coat is nice and dry before they head outside to brave the cold.

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