A  guide to living stylishly with pets

At Pooky & Boo, we believe that welcoming a furry addition into your home shouldn’t be synonymous with sacrificing style. In fact, there’s no reason why your pooch’s homewares can’t be a part of your interior vision! If you’re preparing for a new furry family member, here are our top tips on how to balance your interior style with your pup’s needs.

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Add pattern and style through your pup's homewares

Bringing a pet into your home doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your own design choices. Rather than hiding your pup’s homewares, choose accessories that you’re proud to show off. A fashionable leash and collar can go along way in reflecting your own style and sophistication as a pet owner, so try using your pup’s homewares to elevate your interiors. And remember -  don’t be too conservative when it comes to pattern and texture!

Define spaces with doggie décor

We all need our own space in the home - a space that reflects our needs and personality - and our pooches are the same. Rather than letting your pooch’s needs disrupt your décor, let them define your décor in a way that satisfies your own desire for style and functionality. Get creative with ways to store your pup’s belongings, and don’t shy away from being inventive. Built-in dog bowls are a great example of how you can do this without sacrificing your own space in the process, but don’t be afraid to make your pup’s homewares the centrepiece of a room - your pet is a part of your personality, after all!

Incorporate comfort into design

Pets can be great cuddle companions, but don’t forget their need for a snuggle sanctuary of their own! Incorporating soft furnishings and textured materials into your home design is a great way to create a sensory experience for your pooch whilst providing them with the creature comforts they need (especially during the cooler weather!). However, make sure you stay away from hard-to-clean fabrics such as velvet.

Blend fur with fashion

The right rug choice can hide a world of sins when it comes to shedding season, so be smart when choosing carpets and coverings. Try styling your pup’s favourite areas with stylish throws and, where possible, match fabric to your pet’s fur. If in doubt, patterns are a  great way to mask hidden hairs in a way that still holds visual appeal for your home.

Let your pooch sleep in style

Every pooch needs their thrown, but this doesn’t mean your pup’s sleeping spot can’t complement the style of your own interiors. If you’re opting for a Scandinavian setting,for example, choose a bed that matches this with minimalist patterns and simplistic shapes. Your pet’s bed should complement your décor, not compete with it. Most importantly, however,  it should be something you want to show off!

Stay in style with Pooky & Boo

At Pooky & Boo, our unique range of pet homewares are inspired by our love for home interiors. Handcrafted and custom-made in WA, our stylish dog beds are designed to add texture, pattern and a touch of luxury into the modern eclectic home.

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Sue West