5 amazing health benefits of pet ownership

There’s nothing like coming home to cuddles from your favourite furbaby after a long, difficult day at work. However, for many Australian pet owners owning a pooch goes far beyond the odd furry cuddle. In fact, recent research has revealed owning a pet can have significant benefits on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Here are five amazing health benefits of pet ownership to prove dogs are great for the mind, body and soul!

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Canine Companionship

If there’s one thing you can rely on in life, it’s the unconditional love of your furbaby. Pooches are a great mood-lifter when you’re feeling low or down in the dumps, and can help those suffering from isolation or loneliness by providing a sense of companionship. Studies have shown pets can help elderly people, in particular, to better deal with major life events by providing the social support and sense of purpose they need during tough times…they really are man’s best friend!

Improved social life

Whilst pups are great companions themselves, they can also help pet owners become more social with friends of the human variety! For those prone to a little shyness in social situations, furbabies can provide an instant icebreaker with fellow dog owners and make for a great conversation starter. Pooches open up a world of social opportunities, whether it be through puppy training classes, dog-friendly cafés or walks in the park with fellow dog lovers!

Reduced stress and anxiety

Pet ownership can have a positive impact on individuals suffering from stress and anxiety. Whilst simply patting your pup can help lower blood pressure, pets can help us through stressful times by providing and enforcing the routine we need as well as boosting mood and happiness!

Keeping active

As well as improving our mental and emotional wellbeing, owning a  pup can have very real benefits on your physical health and fitness. After all, it’s hard not to exercise when you have your very own furry personal trainer by your side! Whilst pet ownership has been linked to lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol, pooches can help us to stay fit and healthy by providing the motivation we need to get up and moving. They’ve even coined their own exercise class…doga, anyone?

Improved immunity

Whilst commonly considered a source of allergies, studies have shown early exposure to pets amongst children can actually reduce the likelihood of developing allergies and improve immunity. Not only this, but pups can work wonders on our children’s social and emotional development by instilling a sense of self esteem, promoting trust, and encouraging empathy!

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