Pet-friendly fabrics for the home: the dos and don’ts

Choosing fabrics for your home interiors can be difficult in any situation, let alone if you own a pet. In addition to choosing the right styles and textures for your home decor, you will also need to consider the additional problem of unwanted fur and pooch-related stains. Here are five fur-friendly tips to keep your furniture pet-proof and your home on trend!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Use pattern, not tweed

When choosing fabrics for your pet-friendly home, consider opting for patterned material over plain design. Whether it be a bed cover, a rug, or a the dog bed itself, patterns can hide a world of sins when it comes to pet fur and unwanted stains - not to mention the striking effect they can have on a minimalist interior! One material you may want to avoid, however, is tweed. Whilst tweed may seem like a great way to camouflage your furry friend’s hair, fur can easily become woven into the uneven surface of the fabric, making for a complete cleaning nightmare!

Consider synthetic fibres

Velvets and silks may add a touch of luxury to your interiors, but synthetic fibres are by far the more favourable fabrics for pet-friendly homes. Materials such as microfibre and polyester are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain, ensuring you avoid the costly nightmare of expensive rips and silken stains. At Pooky and Boo, our designer dog beds are made out of recycled polyester with an acrylic waterproof backing and antimicrobial treatment to ensure your pooch’s pad remains free from odours and stains whilst you stay on style with your home interiors.

Don’t look past the leather

Contrary to popular belief, leather isn’t a bad material to use in a pet-friendly home. Whilst fairly resistant to odor, the fabric can easily be cleaned of fur and dirt should your pooch return home from a muddy walk. If your pup is prone to the odd bit of scratching, distressed leather may be the best option for you, as any scratches will simply blend in with the “distressed” design.

Fur-friendly floorboards

Floor-to-floor carpet is far from man’s best friend when it comes to pet-proofing your interiors. If you want to avoid the endless vacuuming and unbeatable stains, consider opting for floorboards over carpets. Hard surfaces are much easier to clean and (providing you choose the right surface) more resistant to stains. Vinyl or tile flooring are the more fur-friendly option over hardwood flooring, as they will better resist damage and scratches from your pup’s paws!

Go with the throw

If you can’t walk past the velvet furniture or your heart is set on a specific style that’s not exactly pet-proof, the next best thing you can do is protect your home interiors with additional fabrics. Throws and blankets are a great way to hide any existing blemishes whilst protecting your beloved belongings from your four-legged housemates; even better, they can easily be removed and cleaned at the end of shedding season! Try matching the colour of the throw to your pup’s fur to minimise the need for cleaning even further.

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