The ins and outs of home interiors for 2018

As we head towards 2018, it’s time to reflect on another year of stylish (and not so stylish) home interior trends. If freshening up your home décor has made it onto your New Year’s resolutions, you’re going to need to know what’s in and what’s out in the world of home interiors. At Pooky & Boo, our unique range of pet homewares are inspired by the latest trends in home interiors and styling. So which trends are we glad to see the back off? And which trends are we ready to welcome into our homes in 2018?

Image courtesy of  kukun

Image courtesy of kukun


In: Earthy colours, bright and bold

Out: Pastels

We’ve loved this year’s focus on greenery, and it seems 2018 is set to take this ‘organic’ approach to colour even further. Amidst the new technology of the modern home, Pantone’s colour predictions for 2018 reveal a desire for a return to nature. The latest colour palettes include organic tones and earthy colours in the form of browns, reds, and natural greens. In addition to these organic hues, Pantone’s predictions reveal a move away from the pastels of previous years to more bolds and brights - think ultra violets, fuchsias, reds, and pops of pink!


In: Wicker, natural stones and woods, velvet

Out: High-gloss finishes

In 2018, sustainability will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. In addition to earthy colour schemes, we will also see a greater focus on organic materials in home furnishings and décor. Designers and homeowners will be focusing on an eco-friendly approach to home interiors, with wicker, natural stone, recycled materials, and natural woods expected to make a big appearance in the New Year. Another big focus will be on materials that add texture. Whilst this goes hand-in-hand with organic materials such as woven wicker, velvet is expected to make a big comeback in 2018. A word of warning - this material is best avoided for pet owners who may want to opt for something a little more pup-friendly!

Home décor

In: Artisan décor, handcrafted pieces

Out: DIY décor

Whilst DIY décor and industrial-style furnishings have been all the rage in recent years, this trend is set to be replaced by a renewed appreciation for artisan décor and everything handcrafted. Statement pieces such as hand-glazed ceramics, handcrafted accessories (dog beds included) and one-of-a-kind furnishings are set to add a new stylish edge to the contemporary home.


In: Geometrics

Out: All white interiors

Geometric patterns have long graced our homes in the form of wall art, wallpaper, and printed fabrics; it seems this trend is here to stay! If anything, 2018 will see more geometric patterns incorporated into the interior space. With the renewed focus on nature, you can also expect more tropical and floral prints in the works for 2018 - a welcome breath of fresh air to all-white interiors!

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